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Your hair looks like starlight by TsukiTheHalfDemon

I really like the idea, but I must say, this idea of a random couple with a movie of this impact has been done before, but dont get me ...



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with every donation I will make a piece of art of there choice also I will donate all the points of the group of my choosing, but my groups I will not.

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Artist | Student | Literature
hey as you can tell, im a Vampire, mermaid, alchemist with automail

I love Gir
I love FMA!!!!!

I wanna be a voice actor
I love to sing and have been singing since i was very young

I am working on a story called Trump Card
it is about 4 girls who fall into wonderland, but wonderland has changed and now it is up to the to get it back to normal (or what is normal in that world)

I love music, inluding:
Rock and roll
and anything with a good beat

the symbol on my arm is to represent im an angle when meet and a devil when know but people still like me


I have a :


Stamps I like:
:iconchildishplz1::iconchildishplz2:Hetalia Snow - Stamp by Nami-DAAP Hetalia - USA by tsu-bameAPH: I love Alfred Stamp by ChibikaedeAmerica Stamp by Dash-Raini am who i am by sugarbearkittythanks to hetalia... by sugarbearkittyFMA Edward Elric - Wiggle by Cathines-StampsFMA: Brotherhood Stamp by zb5766Royai Stamp by Colonel-ChickenEd is short stamp by Okami-MoonyEd is short stamp by Okami-MoonyEd is short stamp by Okami-MoonyEdWin Heart Stamp by Vexic929Misty Come Back-Stamp by 1stPokeTrio-ClubStamp - Pokeshipping by Pokefan181Original Pokemon FTW Stamp by DbzbabePkmn couple ::Stamp:: by BklynSharkExpertSIT - BOY STAMP by DragonHeartLuverAnti-EdRose Stamp by cookiepookieDA Stamps: Card Captor Sakura by eleoyashaPikachu cheeks stamps by xselfdestructiveStamp: DxS by cinyuMARVEL Avengers Group Circle Stamp by TwilightProwlerMARVEL The Avengers + Loki Stamp by TwilightProwlerKousagi Stamp by YukiMiyasawasailor moon stamp by cottonballsailor moon stamp - japanese by sammywhatammySailor Jupiter transformation by Strange-little-catSailor Star Fighter transform. by Strange-little-catSailor Venus transformation by Strange-little-catSailor Moon transformation by Strange-little-catChibi Moon Transformation by Strange-little-catSM- Super Sailor Moon stamp oo1 by Kaze-yoSailor Saturn Stamp by Master-AquaSailor Moon animated stamp 010 by hanaktMi stamp de GeekChicshipping by Belen125WishfulShipping, Stamp by conexionmanga

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Current Residence: not telling you
Favorite genre of music: any thing with a good sound
Favorite style of art: anime
Favorite cartoon character: edward elric
Favorite Quote: “In 900 years of time and space, I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important”

- You have to say who tagged you
- If you are tagged, YOU MUST FILL THIS OUT
- No double Tagging
- You must be truthful, no cheating
- You must answer ALL the question

Tagged by: :iconanimeleadervi:

The Basics

1. Full Name
Kiki Linxwell. Thats the name I use. 

2. Age

3. Birth Date
December 18th 1996

4. Birth Place
New York, USA

5. Gender

6. Occupation
none, im just student

7. Primary School
A few….

8. High School
Still going to it. HSS

9. College/University
no idea yet...

10. Eye Colour

11. Hair Colour
Brown, with blond tips
12. Currently Living
yes, yes I am. Lol, In a cute house, with my family.

The Favourites

13. Food
um…McDonalds. I haven't had it in a while, and it sounds good right about now. That or Sushii
14. Drink

15. Band(s)/Singer(s)
Panic! at the Disco. and also 5sos  

16. Song
at the moment, Sugar by Marron 5, uptown funk, or Heartbeat song. But EVERY PANIC! AT THE DISCO SONG WORKS TOO.

17. Movie
at the moment….Nightmare before christmas

18. TV Show
Non-anime Doctor Who
Anime Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood

19. Book
Alice in Wonderland

20. Colour

21. Coke or Pepsi

22. Anime or Disney
…are you sent from hell? I can't pick!!

23. Guys or Girls
what am I into? oh! thats um…hm…not sure, but I know I do like guys,a lot XD

24. Lips or Eyes

25. Kisses or Hugs
HUGS! they are warm and I like when I get to feel warm.

26. Eating or Drinking
….theu go had in hand. 

27. Novels or Comics

28. Summer or Winter
Well, at the moment, its winter, but I will still say winter.

29. Outdoors or Indoors
Indoors. Thats where the wifi is.

30. Camera or Cellphone
Cellphone. it has a camera XD

31. PS3 or XBOX 360
PS3, can't play kingdom hearts on an XBOX360

32. TV or Computer
Computer. I can watch TV on it.

Something Personal

33. Why did you choose your username?
Well, I was creating my youtube, and it would not let me put the name I wanted, so I got upset and just punched in something and well, now Im kiki.

34. What is your favourite piece of your artwork?

35. What is your most popular Deviation?
Im pretty sure it is "chibiusa's lets to us." the prologue for my SMSOTF story. 

36. Look to your left, what do you see?
My book shelf, but mostly my Free! eternal summer figures.

37. Now to the right.
A pile of pillows.

38. Something you can't live without?
my family, friends, oh and my bear!

39. Person you saw
My mom.

40. Person you hugged
…..I think my mom….

41. Movie you watched
Good Will Hunting

42. Song you listened to
Unkiss me Maroon 5

43. Book you read
Farinhieght 451

44. Things you ate/drank
Eggo Waffle with peanut butter 

45. Time you cried and why?
Last night, I thought I would have a test today, but I didn't 

46. Time you laughed and why?
…yesterday, I saw a funny video called Planet girl

47. Time you went out
….I think the last time I went out was…saturday, I went to get dinner with my dad

48. Person you dated
I have dated two guys for a long period of time, I only count a relationship as a real one if it last longer than a week.

49. Person you kissed
can I say my mom!? If not than one of my friends.

50. Crush you had
have. I have one, well two. shush

51. Thing you think about when you wake up?

52. Longest friend you ever had.
I am friends with a girl who has been my friend for 10 years now. I know a girl who has known me since I was born, we are a year apart, so 17 years. And then there is a girl who has been fiends with me for about 15 years I guess XD

53. School you went to
um…a bunch

54. Big holiday you went on
I went to Atlantis last year.

55. Award you got
I won an award for my writing in 9th grade.

56. Broken the law
no. Unless looking this good is a crime XD

57. Been Arrested?

58. Had a hangover?

59. Been in the hospital?
Yes, but it has always been for someone else. I was at the hospital for me once, but I don't remember it.

60. Been in a car crash?

61. Flown on a plain?
yeah XD

62. Been on a boat?

63. Travelled overseas?

64. Had sex?

65. Gotten Pregnant?

66. Had an abortion?

67. Been to a concert?
Yeah, Panic! at the disco, the This is Gospel tour. Naked brothers band. And random other ones, my dad works in the music industry and my mom was a singer.

68. Pretended to be sick to avoid doing something.

69. Skipped school/work?

70. Broken a bone?

71. Who is your closest friend on dA?
….I don't know anymore, I have been gone so long.

72. What's your favourite Deviation by them?

73. Which Deviant's artwork do you like the most?
um…look in my faves?

74. What is their greatest work?

75. Any favourite Deviant Art groups in mind?
at the moment Ben-and-Bubbles

76. What is your favourite artwork by the founder of the group?
A comic where Ben asks Bubbles out

77. The Co-Founder(s)?
They aren't on DA anymore.

78. How about the Contributors?
Dexter and blossom ages 6-20

79. Who was your very first Watcher on DeviantART? 

80. What is your favourite artwork by them?
They have none

81. Have you ever had any Daily Deviations? If so can you show us?

82. Have you ever won a contest with your artwork? Show us!
lol nope

83. Show us the first Deviation you submitted to DeviantART?…

84. Show us your most recent submission…

85. Religion 

86. Social Class
Middle class

87. Ethnicity
Im Italian, Pakistani, Jewish, Swedish, and others XD 

88. Language Spoken
English, and some spanish

89. Scar(s) you have.
Knee, gums, arm, leg, I'm a klutz 

90. Orientation (straight, bi, etc.)
No idea 

91. Where is your dream holiday location?
Japan, England, Australia, Disney.

92. What are you wearing right now?

93. What was the last thing you bought?
….I think i bought marshmallows

94. When did you join DeviantART?
January 14th, 2009

95. Why did you join?
I though the sight was awesome, and I wanted to get rid of the adds the would come up when I went on here.

96. What type of membership do you have?

97. Are you playing The Game?

98. Are you a member of any other website(s)?
Youtube, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat,, chatzy.

99. Do you enjoy answering pointless questions like these ones?

100. You're Done! Now tag 5 Friends!

  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Marron 5 album V
  • Reading: your mind
  • Watching: your thoughts
  • Playing: with your emotions
  • Eating: your brain
  • Drinking: your blood

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